Video: Lifehouse "Everything" Drama

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How much does God care about you? Do you believe He would fight for you? Do you believe He's able to save you from whatever has you trapped or tied down?

Watch this video to see how much God cares about YOU.

God cares so much that He sent His only Son - Jesus Christ - to die for you and save you. You are precious to Him. Just like in the video, He will fight for you and free you from all the things that have trapped you or tied you down in your life.

If you've never accepted Jesus' help before, now is the perfect time! He wants a relationship with you.

If you have accepted Jesus but have found things in life have drawn you away from Him, this is a perfect time to recommit your life to Him.

Click here to begin a relationship with Jesus or recommit your life to Him.

Let us know if you've just begun a relationship with Jesus or if you're rededicating your life to Him. Email us at We want to celebrate with you!!

~The RadRev Team



Anonymous Anonymous said...

that really was the best salvation play ive ever seen!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was really the best salvation play ive ever seen!

Anonymous Kristen said...

Cool! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

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