Song: Before the Morning

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Josh Wilson wrote this song in honor of some dear friends of his, whose little boy, Jayken David, has faced serious health concerns all his life. When he was born, doctors told his family he had only a 2% chance to live past 4 days. He's now 8 years old and he shares about what God has done in his life every chance he gets. Pray for God to completely heal Jayken David. To hear the full story behind this song, click here.

This is a song about hope. If you're facing a challenging situation, hold onto hope. Hold onto God. He is for you and He loves you. If you'd like prayer, email us at Our prayer team would love to pray for you.

"... Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5

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"Before The Morning"
By Josh Wilson

Do you wonder why you have to
Feel the things that hurt you
If there’s a God who loves you where is He now

Maybe there are things you can’t see
And all those things are happening
To bring a better ending
Someday somehow you’ll see you’ll see

Would you dare would you dare to believe
That you still have a reason to sing
'Cuz the pain that you’ve been feeling
It can’t compare to the joy that’s coming

So hold on you gotta wait for the light
Press on and just fight the good fight
Cause the pain that you’ve been feeling
It’s just the dark before the morning

My friend you know how this all ends
You know where you’re going
You just don’t know how you’ll get there
So say a prayer

And hold on cause there’s good for those who love God
But life is not a snapshot
It might take a little time but you’ll see the bigger picture


Once you feel the weight of glory
All your pain will fade to memory


It’s just the hurt before the healing
Oh the pain that you’ve been feeling
It’s just the dark before the morning



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