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I don’t know about you, but I am so excited that spring is here because you know what that means; summer is on its way! Has the hot weather already made it to your home town? If so, I’m sure most of you have already checked out your summer clothes from last year to see what still fits. This week, I want to give you some tips regarding your summer duds.

Tip #1: Shorts. Stand up, lay your arms straight down, and see if your shorts go PAST your finger tips. If not, then they are too short. One thing I do if I can’t find shorts long enough is cut off my jeans that I won't be wearing next fall. That way I can have Bermudas that are the perfect length for me!

Tip #2: Tank tops. Okay, I know everyone loves tank tops, but sometimes we don’t wear them the way we should. Like maybe our BRA STRAPS show. If this problem happens to you, there are some ways to fix it. Buy a criss-cross bra; it makes life so much easier. If you do and your bra still shows, buy tank tops with thicker straps. If they still show, well, I don’t know what to tell you. Shari would probably tell you to buy a strapless bra ... so let's go with that!

Tip #3: Flip flops. Okay, I love flip flops because some are plain and colorful and you can wear them to the pool while others are fancy and can be worn to a dressier event. Flip flops are always in, but some flip flops more than others, like flip flops with little bows or flowers on the straps, look super adorable. Colorful or fancy flip flops are always in!

Tip #4: Sunglasses. Sunglasses are so much fun because they look great with everything! Sunglasses are so cute and easy to match up to all your summer clothes. Some sunglasses stand out more during the summer than others, for instance, sunglasses that are super big are super trendy. But if you have a smaller face sunglasses that have little wings on the ends look so fashionable.

Tip #5: Skirts/Dresses. The same rule you apply to shorts goes for skirts and dresses so be aware of the length. Floral skirts look fab and are super comfy. One thing I do is always wear little shorts under my dresses and skirts if I'm going to run around. Summer dresses are just refreshing and cool to wear and there are so many to pick from.

Okay you guys, I hope you have an awesome summer hanging with friends and having a blast. I hope as you shop and sort through your summer clothes you’ll keep these tips in mind.

Remember just because it’s IN doesn’t mean you have to wear it!


More About Mattie

Mattie is a joyful 13-year-old who enjoys singing, swimming and babysitting. She is the energizer bunny of shopping and shops until everyone else drops! From an early age she has been mixing and matching any garment she gets her hands on and makes it look fabulous. She's never met a cheesecake she didn't like and can spot a Ford mustang a mile away! Her favorite verse is 1 Corinthians 10:13 and she is very thankful that God has her back as she begins her teenage years. She shares her life with her parents, two brothers, two sisters and a menagerie of pets.



Anonymous patty said...

you've got a beautiful site! i hope you keep it up! :)

Anonymous Kristen said...

thanks for your sweet comment Patty! :)

Blogger Elizabeth said...

I love skorts, because they are so cute, and I can wear them anywhere and be fine!

Anonymous Kristen said...

Sounds good Elizabeth!

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