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Clothing brands are a major concern today among girls and women. I cannot tell you the many comments and concerns I hear from young girls about “needing” a certain brand of clothing. It's almost as if the clothing brand says something about the person, or speaks for itself. I know that it's not an easy thing, but embrace a style of your own and learn to rock it out, because you have a unique one! Girls, let me just tell you; different is good and having diverse brands of clothing is a wonderful thing! I challenge you to wear a brand that is not popular among your friends. When we all wear the same brand of clothes it's so boring. It isn't special and unique when we all wear Aeropostale, Abercrombie, or American Eagle. Try to find an outfit that you like and one that reflects your personality. Do not base it off the opinions of others but rather your own individual style. Go to thrift shops, or any store where you can find one-of-a-kind items and wear your outfit with God-confidence. You never know, you might just be the next trendsetter!

Look at this cute jersey tank from Target! It's very fashion forward and modest with a built-in camisole underneath. It is so crazy to think that we like a shirt because of a name or letters that appear on a bag or shoe. I want to challenge you to ask yourself this question the next time you are trying to decide on a new clothing purchase.

Are you buying this outfit or garment because you like it and it goes great with your style or are you buying this shirt or pants because it's what everyone else has and somehow it makes you feel part of the crowd? If you ask yourself this question and answer yes to the second part of the question, then I hope you will take me up on my challenge and find your own style that is not based on what your friends wear or on a specific brand. God has created us all to be unique individuals. In the Bible, in 1 Peter 2:9, it says we are a people that belong to Christ. Our sense of belonging does not come through a brand of clothing but only through Jesus Christ. Make a goal to buy something other than the 3 A's, okay?

~Rebekah Gardner
Meredith College Fashion Design/Textile Student
Summer Intern to Shari Braendel, Rad Rev Fashion Editor

© 2010 by Rebekah Gardner. All rights reserved.

Rebekah Gardner is a senior at Meredith College in North Carolina, where she is majoring in fashion merchandising and design with a concentration in merchandising and a minor in marketing. Rebekah has always had a passion for fashion ever since she could begin to talk! As a young child, she always loved dressing herself and telling others the best way to dress. She loves to bring out the best in others, and help them find the right clothing to complete that. She enjoys helping women discover their confidence through Christ and letting their outside reflect that in modest dressing. Rebekah believes that true satisfaction is found through Jesus Christ. She is so very thankful to be able to use her passion for fashion for God’s glory!



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Rebekah! This aricle is great and has some solid advice!

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