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It's summer! It’s time to bust out the Bermuda shorts, tank tops … and the toes too!

Flip-flops are great. Just slip them on and go. But how about dressing up a cute summer outfit with strappy stylish sandals? They’re just as easy to manage as flip-flops, and a great alternative when you want something a little less casual.

Unlike flip-flops, they look good with just about everything! Wear them with jeans, or a cute sundress. Wear them during the day running errands, or out at night with the girls. Step it up a little and go metallic, giving them an even classier feel.

The sling back thong sandal is very popular this season. It’s the same as a flip-flop, without the flippity-flop. People may not hear you coming down the grocery isle, but they’ll definitely notice your stylish taste!

Maybe you’re not a thong person. Free your toes and try open toed sandals. Be they simple or bold your toes will love them! Since they don’t have a thong they look slightly more mature.

Some of these sandals have one simple adjustable strap that sit on the back of your heel. Others have a full back, like that of a ballet flat slipper, and some have zippers! So find the style that’s most comfortable for you.

Styles to look for:

Gladiator- These sandals have multiple wide straps, which may sometimes go up the ankle or calf. They are more casual but so much fun to wear!

Leather- Natural or brown leather sandals fits great with the Bohemian style. You can find a variety of these with gladiator sandals.

Ankle- The ankle strap sandals give a more secure fit and look great with shorts or skirts that stop above the knee.

Plastic flip-flops are no comparison with a pair of classy sandals. Because strappy sandals look dressier, you can probably get away with wearing them at work. So go out and find your favorite style today and save flippity-flopping for the beach!

~Paulina Cuadrado
Winthrop University Student,
Summer Intern to Shari Braendel, Rad Rev Fashion Editor

© 2010 by Paulina Cuadrado. All rights reserved.

More about Paulina

Paulina Cuadrado is a junior majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. On her campus, she has her own organization and is the student director of Multicultural Student Life. She is also the program coordinator for the Winthrop Chapter of Association for Women in Communication. This summer she is excited to intern with Shari Braendel from Proverbs 31 Ministries to use her marketing background to help with the launch of Shari’s new book, Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad. She’s always loved fashion and enjoys assisting God’s children in being fashionable.



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