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We asked a few of our Rad Rev Team members who have already been through college what tips they would share with you who are going off to college or who will one day. Here’s what they had to say...

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Don’t work too hard that you forget to have fun. College is a mix of studying and playing, but you need to remember that both are important. At the same time, don’t play too hard that you forget to study!

Be more focused on investing in quality girlfriends than searching for the perfect boyfriend. In my experience most of the boys came and went, but the relationships I have with my college girlfriends are still going strong.

~Elizabeth R. Williams


College is an experience of a lifetime! Truly! Not because of what the world has portrayed the "typical” college experience is, but because when God becomes the center of this life changing step your world will radically change! Be ready to experience his immense love and grace on your new adventure!

-Have an open mind
-Branch out from your daily norms
-Pray the whole summer for discipline, patience and a life transforming semester
-Pray for future friends, roommates and professors

-Save money
-Practice budgeting for a summer

-Stay focused, set priorities
-Study days before any test
-Start assignments before the due date

-Be the friend you wanna be

-Find a church that nurtures you and where your hands will be put to work

Physical Health:
-Stay fit and healthy
-Find useful ways to relieve stress!!

~Yvonne Mendoza


Try all sorts of ways to study. Be creative.

1.Write an outline. Then rewrite it. Write it on note cards with a few words left blank. Now, try reciting the entire outline from memory. (This helped me through Biology, Political Science, and Art History)

2. If given a basic study guide with questions, write out your answers in a few sentences each. Grab a tape recorder and record your answers. Leave enough space in between answers so that you can recite the one you just heard from memory. (If you’re an aural leaner like me, this really works!)

3. For the visual learners, try mapping things out on the page. For example, if you have a history exam, draw small symbols that represent bigger ideas. You can draw arrows from symbol to symbol, or arrange things chronologically on a timeline. Look for similarities in the events. Remember that history is a type of story. Jesus used stories (parables) to convey meaning to His listeners because stories are a powerful teaching tool. So don’t think of history as a bunch of dates and dead people, think of it as a set of stories for exploration.

4. Make up a song or a rhyme to recall the information.

Don’t skip class! You’ll miss out on too much information. I once had a high school teacher say, “To be early is to be on time.” As best as you can, arrive five minutes early for class. That way you’ll have time to get your pen, paper, and book ready so that when the professor comes in to lecture, you’re ready to go!

Eat a banana with breakfast the day of a test. (It really works!) Pray before each study time that God would help you get the most out of it, and pray for godly favor with your professors. When the test is placed on your desk, say a quick prayer that God will help you recall everything you studied and help you to do your very best.

Ladies, God has blessed you to be able to attend college. He has prepared a path for you through education which will enable you to accomplish His will for your life. Don’t forget that! Keep focused on God and His plans for you. Instead of worrying yourself sick over romantic relationships, just focus on friendships. (Trust that the Lord will bring His choice of mate for you in His timing!) Don’t go all googly-eyed over that boy in your Biology Lab. Remember that your purpose in this hour is to commit your all to the educational opportunity God has given you.

~Elizabeth Marie Rollins


The very first day, or even on the visit to the campus prior to attending, check out all the Christian avenues for fellowship, such as Campus Crusade, churches on campus, college bible studies, etc. And do some research about which churches in the vicinity of the college have good classes and services for college kids.

I attended a college 6 hours away from home, and therefore upon arrival, had no church, no Christian friends, no support, and no Godly influences or guidance. Regrettably I did not even know to look up these types of organizations on campus, and walked away from God during my college years, resulting in living the ‘typical’ college lifestyle, instead of one that glorified God and prevented me from making mistakes that I would later regret. Getting off on the right foot in college, is not only about getting in, moving into the dorms, and buying books – but about finding where you fit into the new environment while still holding on to your faith.

Your assigned room mate may not turn out to be your best friend. That would be nice of course, but the possibility exists that you will have to live in close quarters with someone who does not share the same values or moral compass that you do. It’s better to find friends who you have things in common with, and who you can walk together with in your faith, rather than just settle for the person you get randomly connected with. Be selective about who you choose to spend most of your time with, because although you may be a good influence on them, they may also be a bad influence on you.

If a guy takes you back to his apartment or dorm room, he is not looking for good conversation. Purity is the hardest thing to protect during the college years. Don’t let some college dude steal away a treasure that is meant for your future husband, no matter how hot he might be … Try not to over indulge in alcohol at parties, even though drinking seems to be the heartbeat of most college atmospheres. If you do drink, you may give away your most priceless treasure by accident, and it is a treasure that you can never get back. Even if you are not a virgin, you can still make a new commitment to save yourself for your soul mate going forward.

Don’t settle for a guy just because he says he loves you, or just because you have been with him for a while, but instead pray about that relationship and seek God’s guidance about who you should date. If a guy doesn’t treat you like a precious commodity from the onset, you don’t need him.

It’s not high school anymore – most professors probably will not care if you ever show up for class, turn in any assignments, or participate in class discussions – but when report cards get mailed home, your parents will most certainly care. (A lesson I figured out after my first semester of college.)

Try to locate all of your classes before the day classes begin because college campuses are more confusing than they may at first seem. Panic attacks are more likely to occur when you have one minute to get to class and you thought you knew what building it was in, then you realize you need to walk 15 minutes across campus to get there.

~Tracie Miles


My college tip would be to surround yourself with others who believe the way that you do. There is so much worldly pressure in college especially if you are at a secular university. Thankfully there are many campus organizations that you can join or attend to keep you focused on the Lord. The organization I get to work with locally gives the students an opportunity to be a part of a core group where we meet at least once weekly for two hours to discuss life, have Bible study together, and pray. The girls came this year to college away from home knowing no one. This was an absolute great thing for them to know they had someone to walk this new year through with. Get connected that way! It will be a great way to stay focused on Christ.

~Angela Parsley


Find Somewhere that Grounds You.
When I was away at college, everything was new: new friends, new cultures, new classes, a new place to stay. As you set up your new lifestyle at college, don’t forget finding a new church in your setup. It’s easy to get swept away with all the get togethers, parties, classes and friends. You will need the grounding only found by fellowshipping together with other like-minded Christians.

I remember choosing a church that had an especially older population … The minute I set foot in that church, love was poured out over me. It was like attending a church where everyone was your grandparent. They all wanted to greet me, know me and lavish their love on me. I spent many mealtimes in their homes on Sunday evenings. Having a place that was so set apart from the youth, energy and speed of college was refreshing. It reminded me that a spirit of peace, rest and a sense of home were always available to me.

Choose Friends With Depth.
We called one of our friends in college the “fixer upper magnet.” She always was hanging around people that had major problems with depression, abusive situations, drug addictions and people that made wrong choices. After awhile, I noticed she chose those people because she needed to be their “savior.” It wasn’t that she wanted to help them, she loved being superior to their inferiority. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time to help encourage people to make better choices. But if all you only surround yourself with … “junk food friends” then you soon become like them. Raise your standards and choose people who bring out the best in you, who challenge you to go for it and to be the kind of person you most want to be.

I had a group of seven girlfriends who were in the same dorm during our freshman year in college. We were all Christians but came from various walks of faith. Each Sunday we would attend each other’s churches together to learn more about each other and our faith walk. It has been almost 20 years and we are still friends to this day.

Relax About Guys.
So many girls in college made “finding a guy” the entire point of being in school. They plan what classes they would take, what groups to join and what events to attend, all based on a guy … My encouragement would be to keep the focus on the Lord, on following your dreams, your plans that God has breathed into your life. College is such a special time. Don’t waste it by sitting home waiting for Prince Charming to show up. Get busy on a life you love in Christ. Put your God-gifted talents to use with volunteering, studying, growing deeper in your knowledge and your faith. Never again will you have as much opportunity as you do in college to learn, grow, explore and try out your gifts and skills. Don’t waste time worrying about a guy. If God has a special man for you, He will place the one on your path. If He does not, treasure up all the wonder, beauty and joy of the college experience.

Soak it All In.
I can recall sitting in some Anthropology class thinking this was all a complete waste of time. Or better yet, taking statistics classes where I felt like I was the only one without a clue. But remember, the Lord never wastes a thing. All the hard classes, challenging assignments and projects that seem like they have no bearing on your future will never be wasted. They are all contributing to the person you are becoming as you grow in knowledge and faith … The hard stuff is what builds you up, makes you stronger, shows you what you’re capable of becoming. Some classes you will absolutely love, some you will absolutely hate. I like to think of it like my motto for pizza - “there’s no such thing as bad pizza, just variations of good.” There’s no such thing as a bad class, just variations of good. So think of your college experience as one big laboratory of life where you get to try out all sorts of things you never had thought of before. You will be amazed at what you might find in your discovery.

~Cara McLauchlan



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