Father's Day Gift Ideas

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By: Amber Timmerman

“Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!” – Lydia M. Child.

Father’s day is right around the corner and I know that you are all thinking of what to get your dad on his special day! Here are some ideas to get you thinking! I included ideas that cost money and ones that don’t as well because I know my wallet isn’t so full right now.

1. Wash his car! This is a great free idea that will totally bless his heart! I know my dad LOVES his car and when I wash it for him it really makes his day. You can even vacuum the inside out for a total complete car washing gift!

2. Does your Dad have a hobby? Father’s day is the perfect time to spend a day with your dad doing something he loves. Whether it’s fishing or golfing, I’m sure that he will love spending that time with you doing something that he loves.

3. Make him Cinnamon rolls and Coffee! Who doesn’t love Cinnamon rolls and Coffee?!
Click here for a great cinnamon roll recipe!

4. All dads love to show off their kids so purchase a frame and place a picture of the two of you in it for his office!

5. Homemade card. Every dad loves homemade cards. Spend some time working on it and making it really special. You would be surprised how much it will mean to your dad.

6. Is your Dad kinda of messy? Take some time and clean out his car, home desk, or closet! It’s a free way to really make his day! (You might want to get your mom’s stamp of approval first since dad may know where things are now but may not once you clean up for him.)

7. Is your dad big into grilling? Make him a legitimate chef by getting some new grill tools and am apron and chef’s hat! This is a gift that will give back to you too when he makes yummy hot dogs and hamburgers!

8. Does your Dad travel a lot? Get him ready for his next business trip by purchasing mini airline approved toiletries and a new travel toiletries bag. Include a mini photo frame of your family for his hotel room.

9. Does your Dad love sport movies? Get him the new movie “The Blind Side” and plan a movie night with your whole family!

I hope these ideas help in preparing for Father’s Day! But more important than any gift you can give your dad, tell him that you love him and that you are grateful for his guidance and support in your life!

© 2010 by Amber Timmerman. All rights reserved.



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