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By: Natasha Washburn
Liberty University graduate in Interiors and Fashion Merchandising
Summer Intern to Shari Braendel, Rad Rev Fashion Editor

That summer weather is officially here so girls pull out a cute hat and get ready for the sun! Whether you’re out on the beach or just around town, hats have always been known to make fashion statements and they protect your face from those harmful rays. Now I know some of you may not think you look good in hats but trust me, everyone can pull off a hat! You just have to find one that’s right for you.

First let’s figure out the shape of your beautiful face! This is the key!

If you have an oval face then you’re face is shaped like an egg with your jaw bone and forehead being the same width.

If you have a square face then it will be as long as it is wide. And you will have strong angles.

A round face is very much like a square shaped face but instead of strong angles you will have very soft and rounded angles.

If you have a heart shaped face your chin may be a little pointy and your face is wider near your forehead and eyes.

Oblong/long or rectangle face means your face is longer than it is wide and your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw bones are the same width.

If none of these look like the shape of your face, don’t fret! You may have a diamond shaped face, triangle, or inverted triangle. Just Google it and see!

First let’s talk about those oval faces out there! You can wear almost any hat and look wonderful! Since you make everyone out there jealous, how about you play it up and find a hat that’s different and fun like this Equestrian Hat from Target.

Now for the square faces! Big and floppy is the way to go! Who doesn’t love a floppy hat?? The curvy lines will soften the angles on your pretty face. Try this floppy straw hat from Gap!

On to the round faces! You should try something with a high crown that is asymmetrical. This will give some angles to that round face of yours. Fedoras are adorable and very in style right now. Find a cute one that fits your style, like this one from Target, and tilt it to the side!

When it comes to heart shaped faces you can wear most any hat as well but try to stick to one with a medium or small sized brim. A wide brim may make your jaw line and chin look too narrow. Try this cowboy hat from American Eagle. Yeehaw!

To all you girls with an oblong face, fear not! Try a hat with a wide brim to offset the length of your face and make sure it’s fitted to your head, you don’t want to add anymore height! This is a seaside hat by Roxy found at PacSun.

If you don’t already have one go out and find that hat that not only suits your faceshape but also your personality! And make sure you get one that you really like or it will just collect dust in your closet. You can even be creative and buy a hat that’s plain and attach a flower to it or tie a cute head scarf around it. The sky is the limit! Bring out the fashionista in you and make a statement with a cute summer hat!

© 2010 by Natasha Washburn. All rights reserved.

Natasha Washburn is a graduate of Liberty University in Virginia, where she majored in Interiors and Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business. In High School Natasha grew to love fashion and had a passion for modesty which is what brought her to study fashion at Liberty. She is excited about interning with Shari Braendel this summer and using her passion for modesty and fashion to reach females for the Lord!



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