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By: Rebekah Gardner
Meredith College Fashion Design/Textile Student
Summer Intern to Shari Braendel, Rad Rev Fashion Editor

How do you create a new wardrobe with the clothes you currently have in your closet?

This question frustrates, confuses, and is asked by many girls. Have you ever felt like you wear the same outfit every day? Do you feel like you wear the same shirt and jeans, or shorts and t-shirt? Well I have some good news for you; you can mix and match the pieces of clothing in your closet to make an outfit look very different.

One tip is to wear your tank tops over a short sleeved shirt. You can also change your pants with the different tops that you choose. If you have a brown tank top with a teal cardigan over, you can pair it with khaki shorts, either bermudas or even jean capris or shorts, for the summer months. In the winter, take your tank tops, and mix and match them with different cardigans or use them for layering under long sleeve shirts.

Jewelry is another way to change up an outfit. By adding a necklace or different earrings, you can change up an outfit drastically. If you have a necklace you don’t wear a lot, why not wear it as a bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist to make it a bunch of bracelets. Add a fun and cute bracelet or a different pair of earrings that will add to your outfit’s color palate.

If you have a silk scarf, you can wear it as an accessory over a cute tank top for summer.

If you have button down top, why not try wearing it unbuttoned with a camisole or a tank top underneath.

If you have a cute black dress, add a cardigan to change it up or even put another shirt or buttoned down top over it to make it look like a separate outfit; skirt and top.

There is so much you can do to change up your wardrobe and the outfits you wear. Be creative and have fun playing dress up and using your current clothes in your closet to make them look brand new!

Rebekah Gardner is a senior at Meredith College in North Carolina, where she is majoring in fashion merchandising and design with a concentration in merchandising and a minor in marketing. Rebekah has always had a passion for fashion ever since she could begin to talk! As a young child, she always loved dressing herself and telling others the best way to dress. She loves to bring out the best in others, and help them find the right clothing to complete that. She enjoys helping women discover their confidence through Christ and letting their outside reflect that in modest dressing. Rebekah believes that true satisfaction is found through Jesus Christ. She is so very thankful to be able to use her passion for fashion for God’s glory!

© 2010 by Rebekah Gardner. All rights reserved.



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