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By: Rebekah Gardner
Meredith College Fashion Design/Textile Student
Summer Intern to Shari Braendel, Rad Rev Fashion Editor

Do you have a pile of clothes that you are about to give away, or some piece of clothing in your closet that you never wear? I want to offer you some fun and creative ways to add some sparkle and style to your clothing, some ways to make your old clothing a new unique treasure in your wardrobe.

I know if you go in your room, you will probably discover a pile of clothes hiding under some laundry or stuffed in your closet that you never wear anymore.

Why not have fun and save some money, by using your existing clothing and accessories to recreate your fashion pieces?!

Take, for example, a plain black shirt. You are about to give it away because you are either tired of wearing it or don’t want it in your closet anymore. Here is a picture of a cute black top and jeans from the Michael’s craft store that has been transformed with an iron on transfer. It takes just one simple step and voila! You’ve got a fabulous, stylish shirt!

Have an old hat that you never wear? Why not add some flare and your own style to it! Here is a cute hat from Michael’s that has been recreated with just a little bling and some paint. This is a fabulous military style hat that is always in style, and compliments most all face shapes!

Tote bags are also fun to decorate, add some retro buttons to a plain tote bag. Then, write your favorite Bible verse on the tote bag as a daily reminder of God’s faithfulness and grace.

Have extra ribbon around your house? Use the ribbon to enhance the collar of a shirt, adding a unique but chic design. You can also use ribbon as a belt for your old pair of jeans.

Use your creativity and imagination, and you will surprise yourself with the fun and stylish pieces that you come up with!

Remember, before you throw or give away pieces in your wardrobe think about sprucing them up with some remarkable embellishments!

Rebekah Gardner is a senior at Meredith College in North Carolina, where she is majoring in fashion merchandising and design with a concentration in merchandising and a minor in marketing. Rebekah has always had a passion for fashion ever since she could begin to talk! As a young child, she always loved dressing herself and telling others the best way to dress. She loves to bring out the best in others, and help them find the right clothing to complete that. She enjoys helping women discover their confidence through Christ and letting their outside reflect that in modest dressing. Rebekah believes that true satisfaction is found through Jesus Christ. She is so very thankful to be able to use her passion for fashion for God’s glory!

© 2010 by Rebekah Gardner. All rights reserved.

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Blogger Rachelle (Rose) said...

I have some old T-shirts in my dresser that I never wear because I consider them "plain." What a wonderful idea to transform them with iron-ons. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip too! Great idea!!

Anonymous Jordan said...

cool ideas, thanks! :)

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