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By: Esther Grace

A pretty teen stared back at Stephanie from her bedroom mirror. She flicked a stray hair back into place and let a smile relax her face. Heavenly Father, give me strength for today.

From the corner of her eye, she spotted a yellow school bus through the window.

Stephanie grabbed her backpack from the floor and flew down the stairs. Her sandals brushed the pavement as she leapt into the bus. She forced herself to breathe slowly.

All the seats on the bus were taken. Stephanie couldn’t make eye contact with any of her friends. Her ears burned as she remembered the outfit she had chosen for today. Her friends did not approve, nor would they make space for her.

Joseph, another classmate, gave her a brief grin, shuffled his backpack to the floor, and scooted over to make room for her. She restrained a sigh of relief and sat next to him – not too close – and stared fixedly at the butterfly pendant dangling from her backpack’s zipper.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Not much.” She could barely breathe.

Joseph lowered his voice, “Why didn’t they let you sit with them?”

Stephanie hesitated only for a moment. Something in Joseph’s innocent, friendly eyes invited her. “Because of what I decided to wear.”

“They’re not cool with it?” She nodded.

Joseph leaned back, folded his arms, and rested his feet on his backpack. “Who cares about cool?! The Egyptians thought they were cool, but oh boy, now we think they look funny!”

Stephanie pictured a Pharaoh and laughed.

“Besides,” he fidgeted and looked at the floor before raising his gaze to her again, “Some of those outfits that your friends wear make me not want to talk to them.”


He turned red. “I don’t want to be distracted by clothes that, um …”

“I completely understand.”

His eyebrows furrowed. “But you’re a girl.”

“It’s still distracting to me.”

Joseph laughed. “The point is, thanks for doing the right thing. It’s easy to talk to you.”

Stephanie blushed. Joseph flashed her a smile and buried his face in a history book. She closed her eyes and whispered, “Thank You God!”

Esther Grace lives in Virginia and loves singing in choir, arguing in Debate Club, and helping the church in any possible way. Listening to music, reading, encouraging friends, and playing the piano are also among her favorite passtimes. She speaks French, Latin, Spanish and Jane Austen. Her favorite Bible verse is Ecclesiastes 12:13 because it tells us what we need to focus on as Christians. Most importantly, Esther Grace longs for a Radical Revolution to sweep through today’s world. But that’s not going to happen on its own. So she is resolved to stand firm amidst the storm; to speak the truth no matter what; to live for Christ.

© 2010 by Esther Grace. All rights reserved.
A Division of Proverbs 31 Ministries



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this and how it is written! :)

I love this! =) Thank you so much for this!

Anonymous Hannah said...

Fabulous job, Esther! :) I love how this encourages us to be modest no matter what our peers think! Great advice!

Anonymous Brianna said...

Great short story! I love it.

Anonymous Katie said...

Love this!!!

Blogger Courtney said...
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! I love it!! Thanks!

Anonymous rAcHeL said...

OMG! I wish there were more stories like this one!!

Anonymous Diane said...

This is an awesome story, young lady! Hope we'll see more!

Anonymous Malea said...
Blogger Madeline said...

Nice, Esther!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWESOME! This is well written! I neded to read this today.

Anonymous Audrey B. said...

Great Job Esther,
i love your bio, i have written on standing strong in the midst of a storm before (its just written sorta to myself you could say) it was nice to hear someone else talk (even Briefly) on storms. really nice job!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!that really encouraged me to stay modest! that was really inspiring!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This doesn't make any sense...example, what exactly was she wearing that was so objectionable to the "cool" girls? You can be modest and in style at the same time...

Anonymous Jordan said...

Great story, Esther! Loved it!!! <3

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