Song: We Need Each Other

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We need each other. It's just that simple. God created us for relationship, and no, not just a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. We need family. And we need friends. And many times, friends become family.

They encourage us when we want to quit.

They cry with us when we cry. They rejoice with us when we rejoice.

They remind us of the truth - sometimes the truth we don't want to hear, other times the truth we deeply long to hear and want to believe.

Sadly, our enemy the devil wants to keep us from close relationships because he knows how powerful and meaningful they can be in our lives. So, he causes hurt, walls of protection and unforgiveness to separate even the closest of friends. (This includes our relationship with God.) Has hurt or unforgiveness separated one of your friendships?

Reflect on the words of this song ~ "We Need Each Other" by Sanctus Real.

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"We Need Each Other" by Sanctus Real

I think I caught a glimpse of a life without friends – bitter, empty, hollow, dark, and lonely
We never meant to hurt each other, so can we trust again?
And take it as a chance to keep on growing?

I don’t know why it doesn’t come easy,
but I know that we could be happy
If we’d only learn to love

Oh, oh, we need each other – so what’s the fighting for?
Oh, oh, we need each other – please don’t close the door
Oh, oh, we need each other – through all the high’s and low’s
Oh, oh, we need each other – ‘cause no one’s meant to be alone

Life revolves around the need of having someone,
causing every complicated feeling
Oh, and I don’t want to lose you,
so there is nothing wrong
With telling me what you need to keep our love strong

It’s just a part of being a family,
taking the good with the bad and the ugly
If we could only learn to love

Oh, oh, we need each other, fathers and mothers
Oh, oh, we need each other, sisters and brothers
Oh, oh, we need each other, yeah, we need friends and lovers

I need you, you need me, ‘cause that’s the way it’s meant to be
I need you, we need each other
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Proverbs 31 Ministries



Anonymous Anonymous said...

love this song :)

Do you guys take prayer requests?

Anonymous Kristen@RadicalRevolution said...

Isn't it great?! :)

Yes! We do take prayer requests. Send them to We'd love to pray for you!


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