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A Girl’s Life Fashion Week is a modest fashion show hosted by our friends at Mod Style Lounge, for those of us who are proud to be girls, but protective of the bodies God has entrusted us with. The event takes place October 1-8, 2010. What you’ll do is make a post on your blog with the pictures of yourself wearing an outfit that fits within the theme of each day and add the direct link to the Mister Linky gadget at the bottom of the different day’s posts. There will be a post here for each day you can link up to. You must participate in at least 5 of the 8 days to have a chance to win. The themes of each day will be:

• Going to the big game
Show your team spirit for you favorite/local/school/college team with style!

• Going to a formal event
Modest, classy, but not too expensive. How will you pull it off?

• Going to church
What do you wear to church?

• Going to relax at home
Look cute while lounging around the house by yourself or with friends!

• Going to the mall
What do you wear while shopping or just hanging out at your local mall?

• Going to youth group /OR/ going to work (whichever applies to you)
Teens: How do you dress at youth group? Adults: How do you dress for work?

• Going out to eat
What would you wear to a nice restaurant?

• Going to the park and/or on a hike
What will you wear when the weather is chilly and you’re enjoying God’s great outdoors?

Your goal is to put together creative and trendy outfits for each theme. How you interpret it is up to you! But here’s the catch. You may not spend over $35 on your outfit for the day! You must either use things you already have in your closet or raid your local thrift store! For this reason, tell us where you got the pieces you are wearing, how much they cost, and/or if you have already had them in your closest for about a year. Your outfit will then be judged in 5 categories:

1. Modesty
We’re not going to go through a list of what’s modest and what’s not. If it feels modest to you, go ahead with it! Just remember, this is one of the categories you’ll be judged in to win.

2. Fashion
You’ll also be judged on your ability to incorporate the latest trends into your modest outfit.

3. Style
Put your own spin on your outfit. Incorporating the latest trends doesn’t mean you have to look like everyone else! The more original you are and the better it suits you, the higher you’ll score in this category.

4. Creativity
This consists of being creative in thinking up an outfit for each theme and being creative in how you put your outfit together. Wow us with something we’ve never thought of, and you’ll score high.

5. Overall Appeal
This will be the judges scoring of how appealing the specific outfit is to them.

More information is coming soon, so keep checking back at www.modstylelounge.blogspot.com!
Meanwhile, spread the word! One way is to pick up the button on MSL's sidebar and post it on your own blog. Help get the word out so lots of beautiful ladies can participate!



I'm homeschooled....so what should I do for the first day?

Blogger Haylie Jo Gregory said...


It doesn't have to be for your schools team. It can be for any sports team, Like the Broncos, Rays, Magic etc... any sport and team :)

Oh, riiiiight! Thank you =)

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