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Well if you have to ask – then chances are it is too short.

The skirts, shorts and dresses you wear all come in various lengths. Did you know there is actually a science for finding the ones that look best on you? It all depends on where the “hemline” hits you.

The hemline is the line formed by the lower edge of a garment, such as a skirt or dress.

When I was growing up – the rule in our house was the “Fingertip” rule. We did not walk out of the house unless we could hold our arms straight down and our “garments” hit below our fingertips. And then, to add to the embarrassment, we had to bend over and make sure “all was ok.” The point of all this was to make sure that our shorts/skirts/dresses were not too short.

So how short is too short?

I want you to stand in front of the mirror (You might need a friend to help you do this). Take from the top of your leg (where it connects to your hip) to your knee, and find the middle – that is point on your leg you need to make sure everything PASSES. Nothing shorter!

If ever in doubt – go longer. A safe hemline on everyone is at the knee – where you leg naturally curves inward. This is the perfect place for your skirt or shorts to fall.

Remember that borrowing your best friend’s clothes does not mean they will fit you the same as they do her. Your body shape and height play into this. When you are out shopping, make sure to look for things that fit YOU properly. Shorts are not an exception. The shorts that we wear need to also be a good length.

Free tip of the day – shorts that come “cuffed” can be “un-cuffed.” You can cut the stitching out and unroll the shorts. This gives you an extra inch, sometimes two inches in material.

You will never have to ask yourself again, “How short is too short”? Now you know!

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As author and speaker, Hannah Arrowood desires to change lives. Hannah is founder of Designed2Shine, a ministry focused on teen girls and the issues of purity and modesty. As a Christian Image Consultant, Hannah strives to encourage the next generation to faith inspired beauty. Hannah is transparent with life situations and passionate about impacting the next generation for Christ. She is happily married to Jeff, and the mother to two beautiful girls.

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Anonymous Jessica said...

cool! thanks! that will help alot. i used to use the fingertips thing,but now i see that there is a simpler way! thankyou!

Anonymous Jordan said...

Thank you so much! My mom is always nagging on me about how my shorts are too short and how she can see my up my skirts and stuff. But now I know, Thanks a lot!

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