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A few months ago, Hailey Brunette shared with us that she and a few other Rad Rev girls were going on a mission trip to Panama. She sent us an update when she got back and said that while in Panama, their team presented the gospel to over 2,000 people with over 800 being saved! Go God!

Here’s more about Hailey’s mission trip & the country of Panama:

Name: Hailey Brunette
Age: 18
State You’re From: Massachusetts

What mission organization/church did you go with? Marsh Corner Community Church

Where did you go? Panama

Tell us more about this area.

Panama is a tropical country with diverse economic situations. Within a 2 hour drive one can go from cities such as seen here (ie. Boston, Philadelphia) to EXTREMELY impoverished communities in which national police were required to in order to cross the street from the bus to a mission destination, to native tribes.

Tell us more about your mission work there.

Our work was split between a work team and an evangelical team. The work team stayed at our host camp, Campamento Palabra De Vida, in Chame. While there they helped build a playground, rewired electrical fixtures, fixed automobiles, added additional lighting, and did a general cleaning of the grounds and quarters.

The evangelical team consisted primarily of two puppet teams. We would visit schools, both public and private and put on a puppet show and a dance as an icebreaker. The Gospel was then presented and an invitation extended. The group then split up among those who made decisions for Christ and reviewed the wordless bracelet with them, and passed out wordless bracelets and New Testaments.

What was the most challenging part?

The language barrier

What was the most rewarding part?

Having a chance one on one (plus a translator) to share the Gospel and pray with someone who may have missed our presentation. And seeing the extreme joy that was given to children just by playing catch with them.

Prayer Points for This Region of the World:

*A newly converted tribal chief who was converted. Our host team had been praying for him for awhile and he had turned down the Gospel MANY times, even though his parents had been Christians. He needs wisdom and discipleship to help convert the rest of his tribe and move them in a better direction.

*The orphans we visited. The headmasters are paid per child that is in the orphanage so they try to prevent adoption. The girls here are also required to stay in their house all day, never being able to play outside.

*An area known as Corrundu, where we needed police to escort us. Our host team has a safe-haven within this region where kids come for safety, food, a place to do homework and such. Here they are presented with the Gospel and people who care about them. These kids have NOTHING. They face imminent danger daily, and just want to be loved. May this ministry grow and prosper.

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