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By: Hannah Arrowood

Have you ever been sitting at the mall when a girl walks by and you think, "Wow, she has got it all together"? It almost seems effortless for her. Then you think to yourself, "Why, can't I do that"? Well here is the thing - if we are honest with ourselves, I bet we have all felt this way. There just seem to be those people, who ooze style.

Personal Style is about so much more than the individual pieces of clothes you wear. It is about personality, what expresses who you are, what makes you stand out in a crowd. Trends are great, but how can you make them your own? In reality, we all have a style; for some of us, it is just hiding under a bunch of "stuff."

I will be honest, this takes a long time to grasp (if there is such a thing). For me, it has been a work in progress. But there is one thing I have learned - I will never be who I am not. Sounds simple, but it is true. Let me give you an example. I love playing sports - baseball, kickball, basketball, you name it (I am very competitive). However, I very rarely have the clothes needed to participate in these activities. WHY? Because I am a very classic/trendy person. Very rarely do I buy "sporty" clothes. I do good to buy clothes to work out in. So when I am out in the backyard playing softball with the neighborhood kids, I am usually in a pair of capri pants and a dressy tank. A friend of mine said to me the other day, "Girl, you really are always dressed up."

I tell you this so you can see that who you are is OK.

Look at the outfit you are wearing right now - what stands out? Does anything stand out (now if you just got out of bed, wait until you get dressed to do this)? What about your accessories? Do you have a great necklace or an extra “something”?

The next thing to ask yourself is, "Does this ‘something’ that I love, love me back"? Strange question I know, but as you begin to dive into all things fashion, you need to realize that not all things you love, love you back. For example, are you wearing a color that is too bold or bright for your coloring? If you have light blond hair, soft complexion and light eyes, and yet you are wearing a bright and bold green shirt -chances are, your shirt does not love you back.

You want the clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. that you wear to COMPLEMENT who you are. To accent your beauty, not dominate. If I notice your shirt before I notice your beautiful face, we have a problem.

So what now? Are you lost? Here is what I want you to do!
Start watching. Watch your friends, what people at the mall, and make mental notes about the things you like. Here is the fun part - COPY THEM. This gives you a place to start. You will learn to tweak and change things in order to compliment you as you travel down this fashion freeway - leading into your personal style.

The next thing I want you to do is ask that honest best friend of yours for her advice. You two can help each other out - just be careful. Sometimes honest feedback is hard to hear. Also be careful not to let your friend dictate the outcome. It is great to get her opinion, but in the end this is YOUR personal style. While you may be best friends, you may have completely different styles. And that is what makes you both fabulous.

What is your style? Share with us! If you have a blog, take a picture and post it on your blog for us to all see. If you have questions about figuring all this out - post it! I will be sure to answer your questions.

© 2010 by Hannah Arrowood. All rights reserved.

As author and speaker, Hannah Arrowood desires to change lives. Hannah is founder of Designed2Shine, a ministry focused on teen girls and the issues of purity and modesty. As a Christian Image Consultant, Hannah strives to encourage the next generation to faith inspired beauty. Hannah is transparent with life situations and passionate about impacting the next generation for Christ. She is happily married to Jeff, and the mother to two beautiful girls.

For more information visit, www.HannahArrowood.com.



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