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By: Lynn Cowell
Proverbs 31 Speaker

Sixteen. The other day she blared out her song, rocking on the coffee table with star-studded glasses and a whisk microphone. Now her angelic voice sings solos in front of hundreds. For the special occasion of her sweet sixteenth birthday, Mariah specifically asked for one gift: a donation made to Stella's House, a ministry rescuing young girls from sex trafficking. Learning of this atrocity had broken her heart; she wanted to help.

Can you picture the little feet that belonged to these tiny shoes? Now picture fear and pain on her face before the little owner of these small sandles was rescued from human trafficking. This was the image burned in my mind as Tom Davis of Children's Hope Chest displayed these small shoes that once belonged to one rescued. With tears pouring down my face, I knew I had to get involved; we have to help the least of these.

1.2 million children are trafficked every year; this is in addition to the millions already held captive by trafficking. Every 2 minutes a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation. The average victim is forced to have sex up to 40 times a day. By 2010 (yes, that’s THIS year), sex trafficking will be the number one crime worldwide.

The average age of a trafficked victim is 14 years old. Here is where you can make a difference. Maybe you saw the movie "Taken" so you have an idea of this epidemic. If not, watch this video and share it with your friends. When presented with the truth of the tragic lives of others your own age, you’ll find an awesome opportunity to give help and hope to another. You can use Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness. You are creative; capable of coming up with the most innovative ways to fund raise for rescuing. Be part of the answer!

You can start by being an example. Children's Hope Chest is actively rescuing young girls and giving them new lives with hope! Please stop by the Children's Hope Chest at www.hopechest.org. Be a part of changing the life of a child TODAY!

© 2010 by Lynn Cowell. All rights reserved.

Lynn Cowell lives in Charlotte, NC with her family. They enjoy hiking, football, rugby, white water rafting, fast pitch softball and music.

Lynn loves hanging out with girls and challenging them to run hard after Jesus; to discover Him as the purest lover of their heart and to find that He completely fills every corner and every desire. He alone.

For more from Lynn, visit her blog at www.lynncowell.com and connect with Lynn on Facebook at Lynn Martin Cowell.

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