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Enter our giveaway for a chance to win any one book in our resource department (up to a $15 value) to give as a Christmas gift!

To enter the giveaway, answer this question:

What's the best Christmas gift you've ever received, and what made it the best?

When you answer, be sure to include this information for your entry to be valid: First Name, Age, and City/State that you live in.

Giveaway winners will be posted next Tuesday, December 7 so check back to find out if you won!

Entries must be received by 12:00 midnight (EDT) on Friday, December 3, 2010 AND must include your answer to the question, first name, age and city/state you live in to be eligible. You must enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on the
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Anonymous Hannah,14, Broomfield Co said...

The best Christmas gift I ever recieved was my Bible when I was eight. I had just gotten saved that Oct. What made it so special was that it was my own, anytime I could finally just pick it up and read it. I still use that same Bible today because my parents were practical and gave me one that wasn't a little kids with pictures. I didn't want one with pictures any way, all I wanted was just the word of God and nothing else. It is still my favorite thing that I own. I am Hannah, I'm 14, and I live in Broomfield, CO

Blogger Lynn Cowell said...

What a great gift! Last year I received a Greek/Hebrew Bible. I enjoy using it every day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I am only 49 years old the greatest Christmas Gift I ever recieved was given to me over 2000 years ago, Jesus. It was His birthday and He was the Gift.
Trudy, 49, Orange, TX

Anonymous Elin said...

The best present I've received would probably be my Bible. I got it when I was 9. My name is Elin, I'm 13, and I live in Palm Coast, Florida.

Anonymous Courtney said...

The best Christmas present I ever received was my first camera. Little did I know that I would one day become the head of the photography ministry at my church, and I absolutely love it! It is my passion, and God gave me a skill that I enjoy so much.
Courtney (:
Age 16, North Carolina

Anonymous Katie M. said...

My favorite Christmas present was the 1st three movies in the "Love Come Softly" series. My mama knew how much I love those movies and I was sooooo excited when I opened them Christmas morning. What makes them special to me is how they show what Godly, pure love can be like. In a world were people "fall in love" all the time it's nice to have some good books and movies that show me what true, real love looks like.

My name is Katie, I'm 18 years old and I live in Parkton, NC!

Blogger Emma Marx said...

The best Christmas gift I received was from my Mom. We had just found this book about a girl who received a key necklace for Christmas and then my Mom started wearing a silver key necklace. I kept commenting on how beautiful it was, and then one day she gave it to me, and I felt so loved. I call it, "The key to my heart" and one day my boyfriend will have to give it to me :) My name is Emma Marx. I am 13 and I live in Cary, NC.

Blogger savedbypuregrace said...

The best Christmas gift I have ever recieved was a Beth Moore Bible study: Esther. The thing that made it so cool was that three of my cousins were given the same one so that we could study Esther together.
My name is Kari and 15. I live in Temecula, CA.

The best Christmas gift I have received is a pair of blue boots my parents gave me three years ago :) I still wear them to this day :) They are so comfortable, stylish and warm :) My name is Brittany, I am 15 and live in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Anonymous Jordan said...

The best Christmas gift I have received would have to be my house. We were renting at the time and we had to be out by December 31st and we had been looking for a new place for months, and finally I broke down and prayed that God would find a home for my family, and we did! The best thing about moving, was that my best friend and her family came up from FL and helped us move on their vacation! God is sooooo great!!!
I am Jordan, I'm 14, and I live in Smyrna, TN

Anonymous Claire said...

My favorite Christmas present was when I was 10. I was collection anything little and made of glass. For Christmas my mom gave me an elephant that was carring a present on its back. On the present it says "to Jesus". So simple, yet it opened my eyes to realize that Christmas wasnt about what Jesus has done for me and all the presents, but what I can do for him, and the people around me!

Anonymous Claire said...

this is still Claire. As you could guess, my name is Claire, I'm 14, and Im from Frankenmuth, MI

Anonymous Amanda said...

My best christmas present is my NIV bible. It is the best present because I have had a bible and I could not understand it and my NIV bible is easy to understand!!!!!

My name is Amanda, I'm 12 and I live in Pensacola, FL

Blogger Libbi H. said...

The best Christmas gift I ever recieved was my Tommy Hilfiger twin sized down comforter. I know it sounds like a really dum gift, but I got it 4 years ago and I STILL use it :) It is the warmest thing!
Libbi H.
Greeley, CO

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