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By: Hannah Arrowood

Determining when makeup was first used is a mystery – this is true. However, what is a well known fact is the fact that girls naturally desire to use makeup. The use of various substances as cosmetics is ancient. Archaeological evidence clearly indicates that both women and men in Ancient Egypt wore makeup, including kohl sticks to blacken the eyes, and
copper to create rich green eye shadow. Undoubtedly, makeup spread from Egypt to other regions of the world after the Egyptians started wearing makeup. In the Middle East, makeup was common enough to be mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.

So what is the purpose of make up? It seems that the bridge to womanhood indisputably includes asking your mom to wear makeup. As a child we long to look older, and then as an adult we desire to look younger. Ironic isn’t it? Makeup is used as a means to enhance or cover up, depending on the situation.

So my question is, for a teen, is makeup over used? Can you tell a girls true age? I have provided pictures, a test if you will. See if you can accurately guess the ages of the girls pictured below.

The next time you go to put on your makeup – ask yourself…Are you trying to look older? Naturally looking older attracts older people, including boys. When people think you are older, the pressure you will experience will only increase. When you are 9, you are not equipped to experience the situations that a 13 year old would. The same is true if you are 13 and you look 18. Think about it – be your age!!! You will grow up soon enough. Let your beauty shine through. Enhance your God-given features, but don’t try and cover them up. SHINE BRIGHT.

Pic 1 – Age 9; Pic 2 – Age 13; Pic 3 – Age 8; Pic 4 – Age 15

© 2010 by Hannah Arrowood. All rights reserved.

As author and speaker, Hannah Arrowood desires to change lives. Hannah is founder of Designed2Shine, a ministry focused on teen girls and the issues of purity and modesty. As a Christian Image Consultant, Hannah strives to encourage the next generation to faith inspired beauty. Hannah is transparent with life situations and passionate about impacting the next generation for Christ. She is happily married to Jeff, and the mother to two beautiful girls.

For more information visit, www.hannaharrowood.com.

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Anonymous Elin said...

Wow! I thought the 2nd one was way older than 13. And the last one looks like she's 20.

Anonymous Jessica said...

Yeah,I was almost right about the first one(I guessed 10) the second one looked like she was in her 20s or 30s(I'm not a very good judge at age),the third one looked like 13 at least,and the last one looked like she was 19 to 21. Wow.

Anonymous HP said...

that is an eyeopener, glad my mom won't let me wear makeup till i'm sixteen ( i'm 14) Make up is meant to enhance not cover up and change!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree that it is natural for girls to want to wear make up. I'm 15 and the most I do is occasionally cover up really bad acne. Most of my friends do the same.

Anonymous Hannah Arrowood said...

To all the girls that have posted, it is crazy isn't it! The scary part is the older you look, the older people expect you to act - which can lead to difficult situations. You are beautiful - designed by God! Makeup is fun, but lets keep it under control. Thanks for posting your comments!

Anonymous - ROCK ON! If you have no interest in makeup, FANTASTIC! You are right, some girls do not have this desire so young - but most of the girls I come in contact with do. My hope is that all girls will grasp their beauty is woven into their being - not because of the makeup they paint on their face.

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