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By: Hannah Arrowood

Wrap it or Tie it? That is the question…

No – I am not talking about your Christmas presents, today we are going to address the ins and outs to wearing a SCARF!

Scarves are by far one of my most favorite accessories. You can do so much with a great scarf – and they do not even have to be expensive. I just recently was at Big Lots in my home town and found scarves for $5. WOW! I bought one in a turquoise, fuchsia and of course black. They are fantastic.

So the question remains – how do you wear a scarf? I have been asked numerous times over the past several weeks, “just how do you get it to wrap that way?” Here is the answer.

A couple of tips for you to remember:

Q – What is the right length for a scarf?

A – Scarves do come in all different lengths. The right length for you will depend on your body frame size. Stand completely straight in front of a full length mirror. When you place the scarf around your neck, and cup your hands – the scarf’s end should touch your palms. (Notice the image)

Q – How do I wear it?

A – See the example provided, that lists instructions. I have provided 4 different options. This should get you started. Be creative though … wrap yourself up.


I hope this helps with your winter wardrobe! Wrap up with confidence now!

© 2010 by Hannah Arrowood. All rights reserved.

As author and speaker, Hannah Arrowood desires to change lives. Hannah is founder of Designed2Shine, a ministry focused on teen girls and the issues of purity and modesty. As a Christian Image Consultant, Hannah strives to encourage the next generation to faith inspired beauty. Hannah is transparent with life situations and passionate about impacting the next generation for Christ. She is happily married to Jeff, and the mother to two beautiful girls.

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Anonymous Cora said...

I love wearing scarves as well! Not only because they're cozy and warm for winter, but because they can accessorize a solid colored top - and also cover up a neckline that's too low!

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