Rejection - Who Needs It?

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Hey RadRev Girls,

Welcome back! If you haven't had a chance to read my devo from Monday "Cut Again", please stop there before you check in on my vlog this week.

If you can't see this video, follow this link:

When was the last time you experienced rejection? How did you react? Who did you turn to?

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Anonymous Elin said...

I have a question.
What does the "equals God's protection" part mean? Does it mean that when we're rejected He'll comfort us, or what?

Blogger Lynn Cowell said...

Elin - thank you so much for the question. It has meant many things for me:

* when I didn't get asked out in high school, it meant I didn't have opportunity to attach myself to someone who wasn't my husband. It protected me and gave me one more way to save myself for my future husband.

* when it came to the 19 book rejections, it meant I had 5 years to become a better writer. Hopefully I have become a writer that girls will want to read what I write.

* when it came to getting rejected from the Iowa State Honors Choir my junior and senior year, it chipped away at my pride which was HUGE! Too big to be used by God!

* when it came to loosing the Office Eduation Association national championship, it meant I learned that success is not defined by a trophy but by what I learned.

One thing that I have learned through all the rejection I have experienced - ok TWO things:

#1 - God really can be trusted. He has always given me something down the road that was way better than what I lost.

#2 - Perserverance builds character


Saw your tweet. Read your answers to "rejection" question. Good stuff! (Never knew that about my sister!")

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