The Love Story Begins....

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Hey Rad Rev Girls, 

Welcome to week one of our "His Revolutionary Love" study.

I am so excited about spending the summer here together going through "His Revolutionary Love". Again, if you haven't ordered your copy, click's not too late!

This week we're going to start with the introduction. I know that in school you probably skip the introduction, but don't do it with this book! You'll miss some of the best parts!

When I wrote "His Revolutionary Love" I wrote it as though you and I were sitting next to each other at Starbucks, just hanging out. So think of the introduction as a time when we're getting to know each other!

The Love Story Begins....

"There's no one like her on earth, never has been, never will be.
She's a woman beyond compare. My dove is perfection,
Pure and innocent as the day she was born, and cradled in joy by her mother.
Everyone who came by to see her exclaimed and admired her—
All the fathers and mothers, the neighbors and friends, blessed and praised her." Song of Solomon 6: 8 - 9 The Message

When I first read the book of the Song of Solomon I was quite stunned. I was told that there are two ways to look at this poetic book in the Old Testament. One is as a story of a king and his bride. The other is a story of the love of Jesus toward me. That second explanation really got my attention!

Like most young girls, I so badly wanted to have a boyfriend; someone who was crazy about me! Many of my friends had boyfriends and I really had a sense that I was missing out. On top of that, I thought something must be really wrong with me! Why else would I not have one too?

When I discovered that Jesus was crazy about me, it seemed as though the driving feelings to be wanted began to dissipate. Once I read a few of these verses, the way I read the Bible even began to change! I began to read it as one who was radically loved. The desperate need I had felt to be perfect inside and out began to fade. Are you ready to have the "needy" parts of your heart met too? It's ok to be needy; in fact, we were created that way. The important thing is who will you allow to meet that need?

Friend, this summer, I hope that you will take the extra time that this special season affords and invest in your relationship with Jesus. Grab your favorite drink, head out to the pool and take your "love notes" with you! A great place to start is in 1 John. See how much He loves you and allow this special love to fill all the places in your heart.

Go Deeper: 

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you." Song of Solomon 4:7 NIV


When you read the above verse, do you believe it? Do you believe that when He sees you He sees no flaw in you?


Make it a goal to read the book of the Song of Solomon this week. It's only 8 chapters long and will give you a great context for the rest of the study this summer.


Invite a friend to join you in studying "His Revolutionary Love" this summer! Doing a study with a friend is always more fun!

Lynn Cowell is a Proverbs 31 speaker and author. She is so excited to see many girls like you getting the life-changing truth of just how crazy about them Jesus really is! She loves hiking, sushi and anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate! You can connect with her on FaceBook at Lynn Martin Cowell.


Blogger Danielle said...

I (HEART) this book SO much!

Blogger Rachelle said...

What a beautiful post...and a reminder I needed today. Thank you, Lynn, for these encouraging verses and life-changing message!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn for putting your time into this website!! It really helps me when I am sad or stressed!
I loved this post I often feel like something is wrong with me because I do not have a boyfriend but now I know I already have someone crazy about me! Jesus!

Blogger Lynn Cowell said...

I'm so glad you were all blessed by tomorrow!

Anonymous jessica said...

awesome post thank you so much!!! i really needed this!

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