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I love the afterglow of camp in a girl's eyes. To get away from cell phones, tv, draining friends and FaceBook is just what we need! My dear friend just returned and she looks great!

Yet in the afterglow, I see the pull returning. The tug-of-war in her between being the radical Jesus-lover that she is and the girl who doesn't want to miss what is going on. The pull was more than a gentle tug last night. Like the whipping of the Tilt-A-Whirl at Six Flags, the volcity at which the world makes it's play seemed stronger than she could take.

I knew that my friend needed me.

She needed me to help her set boundaries...again. She needed me to hug her and remind that the rules protect her greatest treasure, her heart.

It wasn't an easy gentle talk. No...it was a crying, snotty nose, wear-me-flat-out, lasted for hours type of talk. But my friend is worth it. Though I was tired, though I would rather be on FaceBook or watching TV; she was worth it. And you know, she actually thanked me at the end. She shared that this is the way she wants to go...she just forgets sometimes.

Honoring God is worth fighting for.

My friend knows I love her. She knows that our goal is be to uncommon though she desperately wants to be both - uncommon and a part of all that is going on.

I am praying for her, that though the world pulls, tugs and tries to whip my friend around and around the cycle of popularity, position and power, my prayer is that my friend will honor Him.

If you would like me to share with you these boundaries we were discussing - our boundaries for dating relationships - just shoot me an email at Lynn@LynnCowell.com and I'll be happy to send them to you!)

What area do you struggle to honor God?

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