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Mean Girls

There probably isn't one of you visiting today who hasn't been impacted by a mean girl at one time or another. My senior year, it was actually a mean guy. To tell you the truth, he really wasn't so mean; in fact, he was a good friend of mine. But don't you know even friends can really hurt us sometimes! I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing in the Social Studies hall of Cedar Falls High School when he called out for all to hear, "Lynn, why do you bother wearing a bra? You are so flat, you should just wear band-aids!" It doesn't have to be untrue to be mean, does it friends! This same "friend" nick named me "Lucy" from the Peanuts gang...not exactly what you would call "hot" nor a comparison a girl in high school wants!

Power Words

Fortunately, God's word is full of the truth on how He sees me...and you! I'd love to say that the damaging words of my youth were left back in time, but that's not true. In fact, the Bible tells us that the tongue has the power of life and death in Proverbs 18:21. If our words are that powerful, than friend, let's use them to our advantage!

Overcoming the Mean Girl

When you run into mean "girls", think about these things:

1) Most mean people are hurting people.

Have you ever heard the saying "Wounded dogs bite?" Ask yourself a few questions about the offender.   Do they get picked on? Do you know anything about their family life? Do they struggle to make friends? The answer to some of these questions just may contain the reason they pick on others.

2) Jealousy can be the cause.

People will often "bite" at those they are jealous of; those they wish they could be like. Are you smart? Successful? Well liked? If jealousy is the root cause, the best thing you can do is simply walk away and don't say a word.

3) Are you provoking it.

This is the hardest one for us to believe. What type of interaction is happening between you and the offender. Are you correcting the person? Do you annoy the offender? We miss the fact that we might be actually bringing some of the behavior on.

A confident girl is far less likely to be picked on that one with low self-esteem. You can play a huge part in instilling God-powered confidence in your life. Begin putting the truth of God's word into your heart on a daily basis and just watch the new you emerge!

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Lynn Cowell lives in Charlotte, NC with her family. They enjoy hiking, football, rugby, white water rafting, fast pitch softball and music. Lynn loves hanging out with girls and challenging them to run hard after Jesus; to discover Him as the purest lover of their heart and to find that He completely fills every corner and every desire. He alone.

For more from Lynn, visit her blog at and connect with Lynn on Facebook at Lynn Martin Cowell.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This devotion will really help me this school year because I have one one the mean girls in my class!

Blogger Lynn Cowell said...

Dear Friend,

I am so glad that it is helpful! For more great advice, check out the book "Mean Girls" by Hayley DiMarco. Great stuff!

Anonymous Jessica said...

im really glad that i read this. Right now, im really struggling with a mean girl. I feel so powerless. But i know that i dont deserve getting treated like this! Thanks! great message

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