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Pick of the Populars
Chapter 9 - We Love Together
His Revolutionary Love
by Lynn Cowell 

I used to get so frustrated when I didn’t have a friend available on Friday night. My mother would say “You are blessed if you have one or two really good friends.” At that time, I definitely didn’t want to hear that! I wanted to have my pick of the popular kids as my friends!

One or two? I wanted way more than one or two; seven for every day of the week seemed a much better fit!

Now, I see that it's not always better when it comes to friendships to have a bunch of friends; especially friends that are very close to our hearts.

Now I view friendships like a bull’s eye. Grab a piece of paper ok?

Draw a bull's eye.

Let's start with the outer ring. The outside ring is for those kids you have met and know that they are not a good fit for you. Maybe they act or talk in ways that don’t follow the advice in the Bible or maybe your interests are very different. Do not completely exclude these people from your life. Pray and ask the Lord to open a door for you to share Him with them.”

Move in to the next ring. The second ring is for those people who you have just met, maybe a new neighbor or a transfer student in a school. While you are getting to know them, keep this new friendship in the “getting to know them” stage. Keep learning more and more about them until you can see if they are a good match for a good friend for you.

The inner ring is for those friends that you have known for awhile; you know you can trust them and they can trust you. These are the types of friends you can go skating, to the mall or play games with. They may or may not know Jesus, but they do have the same values as you. Again, if they do not, pray and ask the Lord for an opportunity for you to share Jesus with them. Be careful: large amounts of unhurried time is how friendships really develop. Things such as sleep overs and camps are places where this happens very quickly. I say be careful because we can begin to trust a friendship too soon. The secrets that are shared at the slumber party on Friday night can become the newest gossip morsel on Monday morning. Friendships need time to be proven; do not rush them.

Then there are the bull’s eye friendships. This will be one or two of your closest friends. These friends are the ones that you trust with your deepest secrets and you can be trusted with theirs. The most important thing is that these friends love and know Jesus like you do. This is important because you may ask for their advice or turn to them for support during a hard time. If they also believe that God’s word is the basis for wisdom, then you will expect that they will encourage you in the right direction and you can encourage them as well.

As my mother said, we are all really blessed if we have one or two “bull’s eye” friends. Ask the Lord to bring friends into your life that will support your faith and help you become more like Christ.
What can you do as you  begin a new school year to find other girls who have a heart toward Christ as well?


Blogger LinneaSweets said...

Wow! I stumbled on this blog a little while ago and came back tonight on a whim. Can't believe that there are other girls out there like me, struggling to be radical like Jesus!! Keep these awesome stories coming, and God bless!!

Blogger Rachelle said...


First of all, I adore the title. Made me settle in, knowing this would be a great read! And I was right, of course! :)

Especially poignant right now for me because I'm talking about friendship at my blog today.

Blogger Debra Weiss said...

LinneaSweets, isn't it cool the way God draws like minded believers to each other? We're glad you're here and can't wait to see what God does in your life.

Blogger Debra Weiss said...

Lynn, I loved the title and how you explained the concept of friendship.

Too often, I've been eager for godly friends and accepted people into my bulls-eye that never should have been there. Thanks for the encouraging reminder to look for godly friendships.

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