FABULOUS Fall Fashion Trends

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by: Hannah Arrowood

I walked outside this week to take my precious 4 legged daughter to the bathroom and I was met with a crisp cool air. The coolness almost caused me to head to my closet in search of my favorite, not cute at all, oversized sweatshirt. You know what this told me… FALL IS IN THE AIR!

I love fall. It is the best of both worlds. You can actually layer up without feeling like you are going to suffocate, but yet it is not so cold that you just want to stay inside. So with fall on the brain, I thought I would share 3 fabulous fall fashion trends.

Chunky Sweaters are back!
Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater? Shop your closet this season and look for a chunky sweater to pull out and pair with a skirt or pair of pants. This combo is going to be ultra cute and great way to extend your summer wardrobe (who doesn’t love that).

Feminine Touch – Scarves
A scarf is a trendy way to stay warm and to look cute. For 2011, the scarf is a must have. This is a inexpensive accessory that can be used to add a touch of glam to any outfit. They are versatile and can be used over and over.

Bright Pants
Ok, while I love this “trend”, I must caution all readers! Bright draws attention – so if you are self-conscious of your bottom half, I would avoid this. But for all my girls out there who love the latest trend and can confidently rock the bright and the bold – this one is for you. You can easier pair fall and dark and warm colors with a fresh splash of color. Mix and match and have fun.

Fall is going to be fantastic! Take a moment this week to inventory your fall wardrobe. See what still fits and what needs to be given away. I always use the change in season to go through closets and drawers to see what needs to go! If you did not wear it in the last 6 months – get rid of it! Pack a bag and take it to your local Woman’s shelter or Goodwill. This is great way to serve those less fortunate, plus it allows you to see what you actually have.

Be sure to check back Friday as I take you on a scavenger hunt! I will head out shopping and show you how you can put things together and do it for very little money! It is going to be so much fun. In the meantime, if you have question, send them to me (info@hannaharrowood.com).

As the founder of Present Age Ministries, author and speaker, Hannah Arrowood desires to encourage, equip and educate students to impact their world. She travels around the country speaking to groups on authentic beauty, modesty and purity, striving to make a lasting impact in girls’ lives. Understanding that a girl’s confidence will affect all aspects of her life, Hannah points girls to a secure foundation in Christ. She resides in North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. For more information on the ministry, visit: www.HannahArrowood.com.

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