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This Website Has Moved

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Hey Rad Rev Girls,

We have an exciting announcement to make today: We're moving!

We know we've changed a little bit and we wanted our website to reflect that. We spent a few months talking about concepts and finally came up with this one on

Some of you might know us as 'living with purpose: a radical revolution' but we really felt like Radical Revolution captured what we are about. Radical Revolution is about discovering God's radical plan for your life!

You can still see the old design up at for right now. We'll fully transition to the other site by next Monday. In the meantime, we want to answer some of the questions you might have.

I'm an email user. Do I have to re-subscribe to continue getting emails?

No. We'll handle updating the feed so you receive new posts seamlessly. They might look a little different but they'll still feature the same great content.

Will the new site work on my iPad/iPod/other fancy device?

Yes! We worked to make sure you could still get content from us on a mobile device without waiting forever for things to load.

I'd rather follow Radical Revolution on a social network. Are you on Facebook?

Yes, we are! We're here on Facebook and we're also tweeting on Twitter.

I still have questions! Where can I contact a real live person?

You can email Debra for questions or comments about Radical Revolution, the redesign or anything else related to faith and life.



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