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Hey Rad Rev Girls! I hope you had a chance to read That Woman's Testimony by Rachelle. As Christians, we talk a lot about what it means to 'share your testimony'. Sometimes in all the talking, we forget to talk about how to share our testimony.

I define a testimony as a story about an encounter I had with God. A story about God! That's pretty easy to remember, right?

Most girls and women I meet - no matter their age - all have on thing in common: They love to tell stories! As girls, we just love to communicate.

But it can be pretty awkward to share your testimony on the spot, right? So here's a little trick I learned: practice telling your God encounter story. It's not wrong to practice your testimony. In fact, it's like telling a funny story. Do you have one funny story that you've told so many times that you know just how to tell it?

Chances are, each time you tell it, it gets funnier. Why? Because you've read the body language of friends and family. You've learned where to hype up the drama to make it funnier and where to add just the right snappy remark.

Sharing your testimony can be just like that! It doesn't have to be boring. It can be funny and full of life or it can dramatic or inspiring. While you might not have a testimony about being converted in a crack house (no one I know has a testimony like that anyway), you can take your encounter with God and tell it from your unique perspective.

I usually start my testimony with a couple of lines:  I had a relationship with God that was pretty shallow before I got sick but after I became ill with an auto-immune disorder, my life changed forever. [Note: You can read more about that here.]

As you can see, my testimony isn't life-shattering but it is about my encounter with God. So now, I want to hear about you...what's your testimony?

Debra Weiss is a twenty something writer and speaker passionate about helping teen girls grow closer to God through their pain. Find out more about Debra on her website.



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What an awesome blog!
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Blogger Debra Weiss said...

Thanks for stopping by Rad Revolution, Makay. We hope you're encouraged here. :)

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